Tune is a free plugin for ear training.
Not with chords and intervals, but with equalizer frequency bands.



Optimized for maximum learning efficiency by immediate and detailed feedback, auditory and visual.
Stereo VST2.4 for 32-bit Windows
3-minute getting started video (youtube)
User's manual (pdf) (270k)


Q: Is there a Mac version of this thing?
A: No. I originally developed it for my own use, and don't own a Mac.
And: Feel free to contact me if you're a developer interested in porting Tune to your favorite OS. It is written in MS Visual Studio, and uses VSTGUI

Q: Why is there no sound, when I press the play button?
A: Because Tune acts as en equalizer plugin, not a sound source (the play symbol means "start training")
And: This is very intentional, as it allow you to train using material relevant to you


Tune is free. The rules are:
1: I grant you a license. This means I have copyright, but you can download Tune and use it for free.
2: You may use Tune for educational purposes, and charge for this if you like.
3: You may not redistribute Tune.dll in any way. I hope you will recommend Tune to others, but please do so by linking to this site.


Enjoy your training,
Flemming Nyboe

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