Tune is a free plugin for ear training.
Not with chords and intervals, but with equalizer frequency bands.
NEW: 2013 version is here. Never expires.



Optimized for maximum learning efficiency by immediate and detailed feedback, auditory and visual.
Stereo VST2.4 for 32-bit Windows
3-minute getting started video (youtube)
User's manual (pdf) (270k)


Tune is free. The rules are:
1: I grant you a license. This means I have copyright, but you can download Tune and use it for free.
2: You may use Tune for educational purposes, and charge for this if you like.
3: You may not redistribute Tune.dll in any way. I hope you will recommend Tune to others, but please do so by linking to this site.


Enjoy your training,
Flemming Nyboe

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